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Author :Zhao Bin Time:2022-01-05

Holding the concept of R&D-oriented, Shanxi Zhonghang Jinheng Technology Co., Ltd is consistently dedicated in developing automotive parts.

Taking clock spring as the center business, company has technical and quality team to study cases during the design, development, assemble to vehicle and customer using, resulting in the promotion of technical & quality strength and accumulate development experience. Through large amount and many years' study, company formed a high-efficient development team, who can feedback customer's problem fast. At the same time, this team cooperate effectively with customer to provide best design. Currently, the sales volume of clock spring has reach to 10 million pieces which covering most parts in China, almost 70% of domestic OEM.

Besides clock spring business, the company also has auto air compressor accessories valve products. As a leading domestic supplier of automotive air compressor valves, our company has a history of more than 20 years. We have a group of senior R&D engineers and experts, who have dealt with various types of valve cases. We have made in-depth research on the technology of control valves, high-pressure discharge valves and check valves for air compressors and made technical breakthroughs for many times.Our control valve has passed the German Volkswagen test, production for Bora supply. Vale products is also one of the core business of the company.

In addition, the company has expanded its product line in recent years by introducing a research and development team to enhance its technical capabilities, and has invested in a range of products such as accelerator pedals, combination switches, steering wheel switches, seat switches and Angle sensors.A horizontal product system has been formed.It has gradually become the assembly and batch supplier of automotive electrical products.With technology as the basis, quality as the warranty, price as the advantage, we are aiming to provide customers with superior quality and better price product series.

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