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Author :Zhao Bin Time:2022-01-05

FFC(flexible flat cable) is used in clock spring to transmit electrical signals for different ways. Complete the connection of steering wheel signal, airbag signal and steering column electrical signal.

Through the internship in the workshop, I learned that FFC is formed by laminating the conductor and the upper and lower film together. It has the advantages of bending and tensile resistance, good flexibility, cold resistance and high temperature resistance, convenient wiring and small volume.As a key component of the clock spring, FFC is of great significance to the quality of the clock spring.

Because conductors belong to special material, there are strict requirements for the storage of ambient temperature and humidity. Our company's FFC workshop is a constant temperature and humidity workshop.The workshop worker inputs the relevant FFC parameters into the machine computer according to the product drawings, and then the machine computer will control the machine to complete the production of flat cable.The finished flat cable is vacuum-sealed for easy storage.

FFC Laminating Machine

FFC Laminating Machine

Conductor Structure

FFC test equipment used by Zhonghang Jinheng is as below:

Test the FFC according to the automotive industry standards to ensure the performance of the FFC meets the requirements of the vehicle.

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