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CNAS Certificate Got Approval

Author : Time:2022-01-13

After whole year's hard work. We have finally passed the CNAS certificate approval, and get the certificate.

It is in the original Chinese certification body national accreditation Committee (CNAB) and China National Laboratory accreditation Committee (CNAL) on the basis of the merger and reorganization.

Currently, we can do kinds of tests of environmental test, durability test, noise test, vibration test, FFC wear resistance, FFC bending and so on.

The significance of this certificate is as below:

1, Show that have we have technical ability to carry out testing and calibration services according to the corresponding accreditation criteria;

2. Enhance market competitiveness and win the trust of government departments and all sectors of society;

3. Recognized by national and regional accreditation bodies of the parties to the mutual recognition Agreement;

4. Have the opportunity to participate in bilateral and multilateral cooperation and exchanges recognized by international conformity assessment institutions;

5, can use CNAS national laboratory accreditation mark and ILAC international mutual recognition joint mark within the scope of accreditation;

6, listed in the list of approved institutions, improve visibility.

Below pic is the process.

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